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Tree removals are most popularly performed due to safety issues. Appalachian Tree Fellers provides affordable and safe tree removal services in Central Virginia and Richmond areas for any tree in any location.  Here are some reasons you may need a tree removed:

  • It is dead and now poses more of a hazard to people and property around it

  • Construction plans warrant the tree’s removal

  • A tree is blocking light needed for other plants, trees, or garden space

No matter the reason, tree work is dangerous, complex, and should be done by experts who are trained to do it safely and efficiently. Appalachian Tree Fellers use heavy machinery and knowledge of proper cabling and safety. You can rest assured we’ve thought of all the most important details.


As one of the most concientious tree removal companies in Central Virginia, we take safety very seriously! And, not to worry – we know just how to properly take care of trees which are overhanging houses, confined spaces, or power lines.


Plus, we completely clean up the mess we make!

For high-quality tree removal services in the Central Virginia area, reach out to us!

 For a free on-site quote, text or call Gerard at 540.255.2014

Large Tree Felling
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