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Tree trimming in Central Virginia is one of the most requested services.  Most people have their trees trimmed for saftey or to improve the look of their property.  While our fellers are adept at scaling trees by foot and normally take trees down using climbing and expert rope techniques, allowing us to fell or prune at any location.  Trimming also becomes necessary when branches are hazards to power lines.  People opt for tree trimming to improve the aesthetic beauty of their land, too.


Perhaps you need tree trimming to allow the tree to receive more light or to foster better health by lopping off old branches. The best way to safely trim your trees while preserving their health is to have a tree service company help you decide what’s best for your trees. Pruning can really be that amazing key to making your yard's natural beauty really come alive with new, healthy growth!  Pruning the wrong way or at the wrong time of year can devastate a tree or bush; therefore, it's really important to select a tree professional like Appalachian Tree Fellers to help you avoid the pruning pitfalls in order to do it right the first time. We will happily work with you to determine the best way to preserve the health and life of your trees.

Did you know that proper tree care (including trimming and pruning) not only protects them, but improves them over time?  Pruning allows your tree to balance from the effects of weather damage.  It can also help correct stunted growth due to fungal issues.  Pruning allows new growth to shoot forth where its desired. A tree with too many branches growing in the shade can be trimmed to allow growth to begin on a sunnier side of the tree.

At Appalachian Tree Fellers, we also assess your trees so that you can know which trees are in healthy condition and which ones may be prone to fungus or other environmental attacks.  Discerning the health status and danger risks will then help you "bullet-proof" your yard from unnecessary accidents or costly issues.

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Clos Up Tree Trimming
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